With the Republic in disarray, who will seize power?

For decades, the Republic lived under a stable peace. Then the Spark destroyed every power grid on the planet. Now, with humanity in chaos, it's up to our greatest minds to raise us from the ashes.

Will it be General Lancaster and his fearless Legionnaires, with their military prowess and hard-won discipline?

Will it be Doctor Rodin and his genius Technocrats, with their scientific knowledge and powerful automatons?

Or will it be the downtrodden masses, with mystical powers granted by a new god only just beginning to realize its power?

Gridpulse Legions is a real-time strategy game born of nostalgia, with inspiration from classics such as Starcraft, Age of Empires, and Command & Conquer. You assume the role of a military commander, making strategic decisions on the battlefield to outmaneuver and defeat your opponents.

The game is currently in development for desktop platforms. It will feature a full singleplayer campaign, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode.

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